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Platelet Rich Plasma

Why the excitement about PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) takes advantage of your body's healing mechanisms to restore skin and hair. Your blood plasma is specially prepared and injected into your skin and scalp. The plasma nourishes the areas and provides your skin the opportunity to renew itself. Injecting PRP into the scalp has shown to stimulate new hair growth.

The procedures take less than one hour, and there is no downtime.

PRP Face

Microneedling is an exciting approach to anti-aging skin therapy. The process is fast and straightforward: a series of tiny needles are used to pierce your skin, penetrating to the dermis painlessly.

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP (platelet rich plasma) for hair loss is an injection procedure for men and women who are seeking hair growth. It is a natural alternative to more invasive medical procedures used for hair loss or hair thinning.

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